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Join us at AutoSens Brussels 2021

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Join us at AutoSens Brussels 2021
OmniVision’s Advanced-HDR technology enables our sensors to produce high-quality images in extreme light conditions and accommodate a broad range of applications.
  • Adaptive Charge Conversion
    OmniVision’s new advanced HDR sensor delivers high dynamic range images by adaptive charge detection and conversion technology.
  • No Time Latency
    OmniVision's new advanced HDR technology produces high dynamic range image data from a sensor with a single exposure process. This will remove and minimize artifacts caused by time latencies in traditional HDR technologies.

HDR technology realizes crisp image capture, even with extremely bright and dark areas in one scene.
Delivers Best-in-Class Image Quality
Image-system solutions for automotive and surveillance applications must be artifact free and need to recognize all objects in the scene. OmniVision’s proprietary HDR pixel technology achieves this and provides full scene details, regardless of the lighting environment.

Enables Motion-Artifact-Free Imaging
Traditional HDR uses multiple images having different exposure times but results in motion artifacts from fast-moving objects. OmniVision’s HDR pixel technology enables motion-artifact-free imaging of extremely high-contrast scenes to deliver high quality scene reproductions.

OmniVision’s HDR technology caters surveillance, automotive and mobile applications.